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Eco Vehicles: The 15th Honda Eco Mileage Challenge

The 15th Honda Eco Mileage Challenge was held at Thailand Circuit Motorsports Complex (Nakhon Pathom) on 16 December 2012 by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. A group of lecturers and students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering forming two teams, Green Serpent and NAGA RAIN, created Eco vehicles for the contest in this event. After the intense competition and exciting race, the Green Serpent led by Mr. Worapot Satadaechakul won the first prize for the popular vote as a creative handcrafted vehicle. The NAGA RAIN led by Dr. Hathaithep Wongsuwan achieved 551.29 km/litre on fuel efficiency and was listed as No. 15 on the chart from the total of 483 teams in the competition. This triumph brings pride and glory to the department, faculty and university. This activity will continue to give an opportunity for next generation of students to create their excellent works and improve their skills. It will also lead to student quality improvement that will be revealed to the public in the long run.